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    Making Commercial Real Estate Greener, Smarter, Stronger

    BOMA nada facilitates national initiatives and the exchange of ideas that support our member associations in the promotion of edution, advocy, recognition of excellence and networking.

    Climate Change – Strategy, Urgency & Hope

    Last summer British Columbia experienced 270 wildfires, and 300 people were killed in severe flooding in Henan, China, after 201.9 millimetres of rain fell in...

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    Cross PEI Off Your Bucket List

    From the moment we announced Charlottetown would host BOMEX 2022, the response has been, "I've always wanted to go to PEI." This is your chance...

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    n Indoor Environmental Quality Help Mitigate Risks?

    List of Core Recommendations for Reducing Airborne Infectious Aerosol Exposure

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    Our Programs

    3150# Of Certified Buildings
    594Million Square Feet
    117# of Platinum Buildings


    As a team, we are quite proud of the work we do in helping buildings become more sustainable. Prouder still when the people we work with who own and manage those buildings are recognized for their hard work and dedition.

    See what’s happening at BOMA nada!


    Exciting times at BOMA nada

    We are thrilled about the evolution of our flagship programs: a signifintly upgraded BOMA BEST? 3.0, a reimagined BOMEX? and a constantly improving National TOBY? Awards all speak to the vibrancy of our organization.


    Featured Projects

    Featured Project - Intact Place

    Intact Place is notably the first commercial office building in downtown lgary to connect to the City’s district energy system.


    Program News

    Tenants n Now Go Green In A Big Way

    Many of our partners have begun the greening process. What they lacked was a comprehensive plan – a blueprint to build healthy, vibrant workplaces.


    Video Gallery

    Frontline Workers
    Day in the Life in Commercial Real Estate
    Why BOMA BEST?
    BOMA's Emerging Leaders


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